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Chinese Industry Speakers

Mr Shifeng Shi

Vice President and Secretary General, China National Forest Products Industry Association (CNFPIA)

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Mr Xiaolong Chen

Chairman of the Board, Dare Global Group

Dare Group is one of the top 500 companies in China and the No 1 wood processor in the country. It is listed on the Shenzhen stock market (stock code: 000910) and operates the production capacities of the wood-based panel (WBP) 2.3 million3 and wooden flooring 50 million m2 in a few different locations in China.

The company also runs relevant businesses as well, sub-companies include Dare Package, Dare Household and Dare Auto Parts, etc.

Mr Baoliang Zhang

Chairman, China National Forestry Products Corporation (CNFPC)

CNFPC is a state-owned enterprise, No 1in wood and lumbar in China, importing timber over 5 million m3 in 2013. The company has over 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies, including 6 investment operations overseas, such as Russia and New Zealand.

Australian Industry Speakers

Senator The Hon Anne Ruston

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources


Mr Rob de Fegely

Director and President, Institute of Foresters Australia (IFA)


Mr Bob Gordon

Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Foresters Australia (IFA)


Mr David Evans

New Forest Timber Products (NFTP)


Mr Keith Lamb



Mr Steve Worley

Hancock Queensland Plantation

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